Two Bears and Variations was featured in the Letters section of Sky and Telescope magazine. Every year the Baltimore Bicycling Club visits the site as part of their annual mural ride, and Baltimore's "Street Corner Astronomer" Herman M. Heyn gives a talk on the astronomical features. Mr. Heyn sent a photo and letter to Sky and Telescope and it was published in the January 2003 issue:

Bicycling Club Stops to View Mural

Bicycling Club Stops to View Mural
Photos: John Heyn
A Stellar Mural

Baltimore, Maryland, home of the Space Telescope Science Institute (the Hubble Space Telescope's headquarters), also hosts a marvelous outdoor mural depicting Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Painted in 1993 by local artist Helen Glazer, it adorns the east wall of 1224 West Lombard Street near downtown.

Amazingly, the mural is nearly anatomically correct, as it is sprinkled with little curlicues representing six of the nine Messier galaxies in Ursa Major. Glazer says she downloaded a star map, whited out the "little stars," and accurately recreated the map on the cinderblock wall.

Each June the Baltimore Bicycling Club sponsors a Sunday-morning ride when we visit downtown murals. "The Bears" are among the group's favorite stops.
Traditionally, I (in the striped shirt, pointing at the mural) give a short talk on interesting aspects of the two star groups.

Next time you visit Baltimore, be sure to make a side trip to its unique celestial scene. You will not be disappointed.
--Herman M. Heyn
Baltimore, MD

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