Above is a sampling of images from the Erebus ice tongue cave, sea ice pressure ridges, and other sea ice from my Antarctica project:

Erebus Ice Tongue Cave The Erebus ice tongue is the end of a glacier that extends onto the sea ice on McMurdo Sound. A small opening in the tongue leads to an ice cave containing unusual and fragile ice crystal structures. It is accessible only a few weeks a year. Accompanied by a mountaineer, I explored this remarkable environment. When I had him shine his lamp from behind the features they came to life in marvelous ways.

Sea Ice Pressure Ridges I also took many photographs of the sculptural forms taken by impressive sea ice pressure ridges at New Zealand’s Scott Base and at a seldom-visited site of two-story, Baroque pressure ridges an hour’s trip by snowmobile from New Harbor, beneath the Double Curtain Glacier. I made a 3D scan of one of the formations and have produced it as a sculpture.

Aerial Photos The aerial photographs show some of the awe-inspiring forms taken by ocean ice in McMurdo Sound, including a massive grounded iceberg and melt pools that formed in the 24-hour daylight of the austral summer.

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