Above is a sampling of images of freshwater inland lake ice from my Antarctica project from these locations:

Lake Hoare, McMurdo Dry Valleys  The McMurdo Dry Valleys contain permanently frozen inland freshwater lakes fed by glaciers. Wandering on Lake Hoare with one of the scientists, I found labyrinths of low ice structures supported by icicles. Sediment had blown onto the lake from the surrounding hills, and meltwater had formed thin sheets of ice on top of the sediment, etched with intricate designs. One night I also photographed ice forming on the melted margin of the lake, warmly lit by midnight sun.

Cape Royds  Across McMurdo Sound from the Dry Valleys, the volcanic landscape of the Cape Royds penguin colony contains some small inland lakes and ponds fed by glaciers off of Mt. Erebus. One was frozen enough to walk on when I first arrived, though a few days later the margins had substantially melted to the point that some of the formations I had photographed disappeared and it was no longer possible to walk there.

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