The exhibition I researched, photographed and designed for the Kangerlussuaq Museum opened on September 7 with a wonderful and heartwarming program attended by the American consul at the US Consulate in Nuuk (the exhibit was funded by the US Embassy in Copenhagen Small Grant Program), Greenland’s capital, and the deputy mayor of Kangerlussuaq, both of whom spoke (as did I). In between speakers, local children performed musical numbers. Afterwards were refreshments and opportunity for everyone to see the exhibit for the first time. One room is about The Journey of Ice and Water from the ice cap downriver to the town. The other focuses on Kangerlussuaq Before and After, with historic photos I located in US and Danish archives juxtaposed with my photos of the same sites today, along with some photos I took of local wildlife. This exhibit will remain up indefinitely, part of an ongoing project to update the exhibits, many of which had not been changed for over 25 years.

See installation photos of the entire exhibition here.