Adobe 99U online version of article

Screenshot of article online at Adobe 99U website, which is illustrated with some of my photos, including the one shown here.

Adobe 99U Issue 19 print edition cover

Cover of the print edition of Issue 19 of Adobe 99U, which was available during Winter 2018/2019.

I am one of three artists featured in an article in Adobe's magazine for creatives, 99U. In addition to the print version, they produced an online version which was posted on November 30, 2018. Writer Lauren Covello Jacobs interviewed me about my experiences in Antarctica to find out what it was like to create art in that extremely remote environment. As she notes, "It was an experience that shaped her profoundly...Glazer's feelings echo those of so many creatives who have experienced life off the beaten path: It can be a hassle, but the rewards often outweigh the inconveniences."