Science and conservation journalist Kristen Pope interviewed me for her recent article Artists chronicle climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic, in Yale Climate Connections. Read it here. Pope also discusses  the Antarctic Artists and Writers Collective, of which I am a founding member and talked with the curator of our online exhibition Adequate Earth: Artists and Writers in Antarctica. Yale Climate Connections is an initiative of the Yale University School of the Environment.

Kristen and I talked about the value artists bring to the environmental conversation and about my Antarctic experience. “I was constantly just blown away by the immensity of it, and just how utterly alien it is. “It’s so different from any other place that you can be. There are no plants, no trees, and there’s none of the usual landmarks that we use to understand distance … You just realize it’s this experience of vastness, I think [that] was something very memorable.” The above photograph of a sea ice pressure ridge with the airfield serving the US and New Zealand bases visible 7 miles away on the horizon (see detail below) isn't included with the article, but illustrates that sentiment.

Detail showing Williams Airfield in the distance