In 2015 I photographed the underside of sea ice from inside the underwater Observation Tube in Antarctica in 2015. The Ob Tube, as it's known around McMurdo Station, is a steel manhole with windows that is inserted through the ice adjoining McMurdo Station during the research season. This photo was just licensed by the University of Texas to illustrate an announcement of newly published research in the journal Astrobiology by UT scientists studying Antarctic ice in preparation for the launch of a NASA probe that will be analyzing the ice on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. Research in Antarctica helps us understand not only our own planet but distant ones.

If you'd like to read more about my Ob Tube experience, a full account with more photos is on my Antarctica blog.

Ob Tube Entrance
Inadvertent Ob Tube selfie

At left, the Ob Tube entrance and an inadvertent selfie I took while inside when the flash fired and I ended up with a photo of myself reflected in the tube's window.