Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (2021—)

Photography Project in Progress Since 2021 I have been working on a photo book project exploring the remote Arctic landscape of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, a former indigenous hunting ground that has been reshaped by its history as a Cold War American air base and the impact of climate change. Over the past 80 years, Kangerlussuaq has … Read More

Urban Tree Portraits (2012—)

An ongoing series of photographs and 3D scans of Los Angeles’ Indian laurel fig trees, exploring the interactions between street trees and people in the urban environment. See images below and more information about the series.  

Art in Interiors

For Collectors & Decorators: Art in Interiors This selection of my photographs and wall reliefs show how they can be integrated into home and office interior settings. All of the works shown here are available for sale. The photographs all are limited edition prints that are available at small, medium and large sizes. The relief … Read More

Walking in Antarctica (2015—)

An immersive, interdisciplinary project bringing together photography, sculpture, and audio narrative Walking in Antarctica takes the viewer on a journey through an extraordinary environment that few people ever visit — over frozen lakes, around towering glaciers and baroque sea ice formations, into a magnificent frozen ice cave, across fields of surreal boulders, and through a … Read More

Public Art Commissions (1993-1997)

Large Scale Photographs in Airport Setting Two photographs taken inside the Erebus Ice Tongue cave in Antarctica were selected by a panel of arts professionals as part of a series of temporary exhibitions by Maryland artists in the D/E Concourse at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. Enlarged to 7 x 10 feet, they have been on … Read More

Baltimore Ecosystem Study (2014-2015)

A National Science Foundation Urban Ecology Research StudyThe photographs and sculpture shown here come from a yearlong residency as the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) artist-in-residence for 2014-15. The BES is part of a network of 28 long-term ecological research (LTER) sites funded by the National Science Foundation, and one of only two LTER sites to … Read More

Clouds (2007-2012)

Photographs & Sculpture Clouds reveal the ever-changing shapes of air currents constantly flowing around us, which are usually beneath our awareness. Photography became my primary vehicle for exploring the temporary spatial structures in the sky. Searching for an even better way to communicate this deeper understanding to others, in 2009 I started hand-coloring parts of … Read More