This afternoon I headed for Lake Ferguson (Tasersuatsiaq in Greenlandic), about a mile-long walk on a dirt road from where I'm staying. The forecast for 50% chance of snow flurries turned out to be accurate in an unexpected way, because sun and blue skies alternated with gray skies and light snow. This happened three times in four hours. The light was constantly changing, as if someone was moving a spotlight around. But that made for some interesting, if fleeting, moments, like these two, which were taken 17 minutes apart in pretty much the same area — one looking north and one looking south.

In the above view I am standing on the road with the lake behind me, facing a stream through a wetland where the water is conducted from the lake via a pipe under the road. In the distance are the tanks by the Old Camp part of town. In the other view I've turned around and am facing the lake.

Lake Ferguson and a briefly spotlit snow-covered mountain to the south.