Art in Interiors

For Collectors & Decorators: Art in Interiors This selection of my photographs and wall reliefs show how they can be integrated into home and office interior settings. All of the works shown here are available for sale. The photographs all are limited edition prints that are available at small, medium and large sizes. The relief … Read More

Walking in Antarctica (2015—)

Photographs & Sculpture Exploring the Antarctic Wilderness Walking in Antarctica is a project of photographs and sculpture by Helen Glazer inspired and informed by her experiences as a grantee of the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. Her particular photographic vision, innovative application of emerging 3D technologies, and storytelling skills have enabled her … Read More

Public Art Commissions

Large Scale Photographs in Airport Setting Two photographs taken inside the Erebus Ice Tongue cave in Antarctica were selected by a panel of arts professionals as part of a series of temporary exhibitions by Maryland artists in the D/E Concourse at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. Enlarged to 7 x 10 feet, they have been on … Read More

Painted Relief Sculpture (2000-2007)

Abstract Sculpture Inspired by Nature My painted wall sculptures explore the boundaries between categories, which is where the possibility for transformation comes into being. In these transition zones, traditional dichotomies dissolve between painting and sculpture, plant and animal, organic and inorganic, human and non-human. I foster paradoxes, seeking the precise point at which something is … Read More

Baltimore Ecosystem Study (2014-2015)

A National Science Foundation Urban Ecology Research StudyThe photographs and sculpture shown here come from a yearlong residency as the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) artist-in-residence for 2014-15. The BES is part of a network of 28 long-term ecological research (LTER) sites funded by the National Science Foundation, and one of only two LTER sites to … Read More

Clouds (2007-2012)

Photographs & Sculpture Clouds reveal the ever-changing shapes of air currents constantly flowing around us, which are usually beneath our awareness. Photography became my primary vehicle for exploring the temporary spatial structures in the sky. Searching for an even better way to communicate this deeper understanding to others, in 2009 I started hand-coloring parts of … Read More

Photo-based Sculpture (2014—)

Made with Digital 3D Scanning and Fabrication Technology Photographs shot on site are turned into 3D scans via photogrammetry, a process whereby a series of still photos of a scene can be assembled by software into a three-dimensional scan. With further editing in 3D modeling software, the scans become the basis for painted sculptures made … Read More

Urban Tree Portraits (2012—)

Portraits of Urban Street Trees Los Angeles These are part of an ongoing photographic series of trees in urban environments, which relates to my ongoing search for a deeper understanding of what natural forms tell you about the particular conditions of the moment. The main body of work has been photographed on successive visits to … Read More